Teams, Music and Resale…

This month we are asking you to pray for our teams going out this year.  Also we are thankful for a great recording session for our next fundraising album for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and we are celebrating our first year of ministry through resale at the new location for Helping Hands in Peoria Heights Iliniois.  God is good!
Thank you for your prayer and support!!!
Mission Teams in 2024
There are several international teams that we are helping to send this year.
The Uganda team was a huge blessing to our partners at Living Hope for Children last month and we have these other teams planned for 2024.
Please pray specifically for each of these…

April there will be team heading to Albania
May there will be small team heading to Philippines
June there will be another team going to Uganda
June will also see interns coming form Belize to serve at a camp in Illinois
July there is a potential team that might serve in Costa Rica
August there is a potential team them might serve in Kenya
September there is a video production team going to Spain
September will also include a documentary team serving in Albania

One Accord for St. Jude…

One Accord is a Christian songwriting community in the Peoria area.  We are committing to record a live album with original songs that will be a way to raise funds through donations to bless St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
We had a great recording session and knocked out nine songs in one day!
Please pray for the outreach opportunities and watch for the album to be available in April and consider making a donation to the fundraising effort for St. Jude!

One Year Ribbon Cutting…

Progress in Peoria Heights!  It has been a full year since we moved the location of Helping Hands Resale Shoppe in Peoria Heights to a larger and much better space across the street from our previous location.  We are so thankful for the blessing of a landlord who wanted to help us grow by giving us the opportunity to rent the new building and tailor it to our needs through renovation and developing the space together.  Well we were so busy making the move we forgot to have a ribbon cutting ceremony so instead we made it a one year celebration!  It was fun to share what God had done and celebrate with volunteers and customers on a Saturday morning! We are so thankful for this opportunity to do ministry and bless many charities in the local community.