Let’s Give and Praise the Lord…

Matching for Partners in Israel…


We have been wanting to help raise funds for our partners in Israel. If you would like to give in order to bless our ministry partners at Ebenezer Home with a few current project needs and double your donation, please click on the link above and donate through their website and the current matching opportunity. If you would like to give another way, please message us at Small World Connections and we will help you make arrangements.

Ministry Team in Albania…

Our Go Team Director Steve Waggoner led a team this month to serve our partners in Albania.  They had a great time and were able to minister in many ways while they were there. They did sports ministry and used the Sports God’s Way training to work with youth and many others who want to glorify God through all aspects of their lives.  Please pray for the ongoing ministry in Albania and that we can continue to bless Nathan and Cydil Waggoner and their whole team as they serve there.

Back To The Ridge…

We headed out to serve Abide Church at Goofy Ridge again this month.  I is so much fun to share the Word of God and lead games and activities for the youth at the church there.  We have a small team that goes out once per month to give those who are serving there full time a little break and encourage them in their ministry! The kids are always enthusiastic and this month we were able to share the story of Jonah and compare his reaction to God’s mission to the way Peter responded when he was given a similar assignment to leave Joppa.  The message seemed to resonate with the students. Please pray that they will follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives just like Peter modeled in the book of Acts.

Mission Teams in 2024

There are several international teams that we are helping to send this year.

The Uganda team was a huge blessing to our partners at Living Hope for Children last month and we have these other teams planned for 2024.

Please pray specifically for each of these…

May there will be small team heading to Philippines
June there will be another team going to Uganda
June will also see interns coming form Belize to serve at a camp in Illinois
July there is a potential team that might serve in Costa Rica
August there is a potential team them might serve in Kenya
September there is a video production team going to Spain
September will also include a documentary team serving in Albania